Clothes pins are attached to tits and then ripped off instantly

Nude woman is tied spread with lots of plastic bands and there are dozens of clothes pins are torturing her sensual tits

Penny Barber is the MILF we all would love to torture but guys from Infernal Restraints website are the lucky once to have a chance to play with her tits. Very special sort of bondage and very kinky way of boobs torment are here today for us to enjoy.

Naked woman is lying down on a steel bed restrained with dozens of plastic bands. Restraints are extremely tight and not allowing captive girl to make even the slightest move. Fingers, toes and, maybe, her head are the only body parts she can stir. What a perfect moment to start the tit torture! Are you with me?

Nipples are becoming tortured in the majority of the tit torments we've seen before. But it is all different this time: dozens of wooden clothes pins are attached all over slave's boobs leaving the nipples intact. Look closer at the pictures and you'll see thin rope connecting all the clothes pins. Clamping pain is just a beginning: real fun will begin when master is going to rip all the pins with one move of his hand. That's where extreme tit torture is going to start! Girl's face is expressing it all: shock, extreme pain and a bit of surprise.

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