Tormenting skinny teen with suspension and lead nipple clamps

Skinny teen slave experiencing extreme pain from nude suspension torture and weighted nipple clamps attached to her tiny tits

It is very easy to draw a big breasted woman to orgasm by using nipple clamps. However it is totally different when you have to deal with a submissive teenager that only has tiny tits. Let me show you the right way of handling this type of bondage women. I hope she loves extreme pain because tits clamps are going to be pretty harsh!

The test subject for today's nipple clamps guide is a slim blond teen girl. She only had been tied up once or twice in her life so pretty much it is going to be her first ever hardcore bondage. The girl looks like a potential pain slut to me: we only have to expose the natural submission that is hidden somewhere deep down in the darkest corners of her sexuality. I guess weighted nipple clamps and steel hook in her ass will do the trick!

Leaving young slut on the ground would be nice starts but suspending her up in the air looks like a better option to me. Few ropes is the only thing you need to do this kinky combination of hogtie and strappado bondage. Young lady is hanging there with her face down, her hands driven backwards and her feet up. Using big ball gag in the scene looks like another good idea: we don't want her screaming loud during the nipple clamps torture. Minor moans will be more suitable and gag will do the job of keeping her silent!

The teen torture itself is done with just nipple clamps attached to her small tits and stainless steel put into girl's ass. A bit of sex toy stimulation forces the slave to shake her body helplessly. Look at the lead weights at the end of each of the clamps: those are swinging here and there, causing lots of pain! Shall we bring the slut down already or maybe you would prefer to leave her hanging there until juice start dripping from that young and shaved pussy?

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