Jasmine Sinclair plays the role of tied wife waiting for punishment

Uniformed bondage roleplay where Jasmine Sinclair wears bikini and plays the role of tied wife waiting to be punished

Shall we take a look behind the closed doors of a lovely house where tied wife is being involved into a kinky roleplay game? Beautiful blondis dressed as an Easter bunny, who was trying to steal the egg, but was caught and put in bondage. Wife in bondage definitely enjoys every second of her captivity but there is one question left: what punishment will husband choose for her?

Jasmine Sinclair is the type of woman every bondage fan would love to deal with! Young and beautiful, submissive and willing to be punished: is there any other kind of tied wife you were dreaming of? Jasmine accepts fresh ideas for bondage roleplay easily and today she takes the role of a bikini Easter bunny. How cool is that!

Sexy bunny isn't allowed to play with the golden egg, but girl breaks the allowance and being caught. Seconds later tied wife finds herself kneeling on the floor with tight rope limiting her ability to move. Both of her hands are bound behind the back and there is a big ball gag in being put in girl's filthy mouth. There is a punishment for every crime and Jasmine is just has to wait for her husband to pick one.

What would you do to punish sexy tied wife like Jasmine Sinclair? I guess bending her over the knee and spanking her ass would be a nice start! Then it would be kinky to pull her panties down and fuck her with your finger. Still having her arms tied and mouth gagged, tied wife would enjoy this kind of degrading penetration very much!

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