Life-true breast suspension with no supporting ropes or floor tounching

100% true and real tit suspension torture where there are no suppoorting ropes are used and bondahge girl does not touch the fl

Hot wax, nipple clamps and crushing BDSM devices are just lame when compared with breast suspension torment! I know how much you enjoy this kind of tit tortures so here you are: enjoy yet another dumb bitch getting suspended by her boobs.

The preparations for the torture are very simple: naked girl is having her hands tied behind the back by using rope and there is a spread bar is placed between her legs. Plus her boobies are becoming tightly wrapped with thin leather stripes. Everything is set to have this slut suspended by her tits!

This BDSM torture is true and 100% real! Normally there are all kinds of supporting ropes are used in the scenes where women are hanging by their breasts. Here it is totally different: the entire weight of the slavegirl is supported with nothing but her boobies and she isn't touching the floor with her feet! Ouch!

Slave's face says it all: the pain level is extreme and the slut is ready to burst to tears any second. But it is going to be even worse because BDSM master is in the mood for having fun with the single-tailed whip and lash those bound breasts. Continue to the full version of this scene to enjoy breast suspension in details and see bound tits becoming covered in red whip marks!

I've described one of the live shows Real-Time Bondage website streamed recently. Tit suspension torture was just one of the many bizarre BDSM torments young lady was subjected to. Enjoy the full version of the multi-hour action by clicking the banner above. Are you ready for the hardcore BDSM? Well then you are on the right path to get some!