Handcuffed lady is in pain when her small tits are getting whipped

Having beautiful elegant woman handcuffed topless and then lashed all over her lovely small tits

It might look that only busty women are to be subjected to boobs punishments. But it is not true and watching small tits in pain is also very exciting. Would you like to see some little boobies getting whipped?

Pain Gate website combines classic BDSM restraints with whipping in their videos and the results are just superb! Maybe because they are only dealing with beautiful women (no fat or ugly sluts whatsoever) or maybe because they have good taste when it comes to bondage and punishments. I believe it is both that are making their work so special.

Here for example a beautiful blond made topless (would you like to watch blouse ripped off her?) and handcuffed in a spread pose. Perfectly sexy woman helpless and ready for any kind of BDSM you want. Well they decided to put those lovely small tits of her in pain with whipping!

Do not miss the chance to watch the full-length video of this scene (just hit the button below to visit Pain Gate) to hear those kinky sounds the whip is making when moving through the air and then lashing exposed flesh! And the sounds whipped woman is making are also extremely sexy! And how about those red whipping marks appearing across tits whipped? Exceptional!

There were many dozens of elegant women subjected to bondage and whipping at Pain Gate over the years and you can enjoy all the videos instantly! Exposed, naked and lashed violently, those whip victims are extremely exciting in their tortures! Hit the button to start enjoying!