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Big tits are put in shibari bondage

Breast bondage is symmetrical in most cases. It's when the same sort of ropework is put over each of the boobs. That is totally fine but sometimes you want a little bit of chaos when putting woman in restraints. I wonder how big tits look like when ropes are placed randomly?

Sexy clothing, high heels and sex toys are the things used quite frequently to make bondage kinkier. Bondage Forte website loves that kind of stuff but some of their BDSM scenes are shot a bit differently. It's when nothing to distract you from the beauty of nude female body in ropes. When girl is in shadows for you not to miss an inch of her big and juicy boobs in bondage!

Featured scene reminds me traditional Japanese shibari bondage when girl's soft and sensual skin meets the ropes with nothing in between. With her hands tied behind the back, model is clearly enjoying the random intersection of the ropes over her torso. Big breasts are also utterly delicious: they are taking fancy shapes under the ropes pressure. I think there is only one thing is missing to make this breast bondage perfect: tight clamps on top of each of the tits. Would you like to attach them?

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Clamped tits are turning this blonde into a perfect maid

Maids are lazy in majority. Cunning and sneaky, these bitches are looking for easy money or even up to steal something. But there is an easy and 100% effective way of keeping your maid focused on her job. A couple of mouse traps attached to breasts are going to stop her from digressing.

Dominatrix on the pictures below had set herself a goal of training the blondslut into a perfect servant. She spends lots of time educating naughty girls at House of Taboo website and has everything needed to be successful in her mission.

The thing to start with - is to force the maid to serve naked. Women are normally much more zeal and hard-working when wearing nothing but suspender, black stockings and high hills. Would you like to have your tea server by a slut like this? Well you are welcome!

Slave's big breasts provide another way of making her a better employee. You just have to take a couple of ordinary mousetraps and attach them on top of each of her tits. Crushed with enormous force, nipples are going to be put in extreme pain, preventing the slut from thinking about anything except work. When taken to the limit with continuous tit torture, maid can be trained in many other perverted ways. How about using her slutty mouth as an ashtray?

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Pulling small tits sideways with ropes and nipple clamps

Imagine yourself having a bunch of BDSM clamps and a subgirl looking forward to be tortured. Why limiting yourself with her tits only when there is a way to have a lot mote fun tormenting the entire body? Let me show you how this can be done.

Lyla is the skinny trainee to be educated today. Crazy nurse from the Whipped Ass website is ready to take the duty if punishing the slut and taking her to the limit. The bitch is having a couple of dozens of nipple clamps to put in use and a long list of degrading punishments for the slave to suffer.

You'd better check out the full version of the scene to enjoy all the BDSM tortures Layla was subjected to. But there is one scene I just cannot miss: it is bizarre, painful and I bet you are going to like it! What is going to make the action spicier are the degrading body captions made with lipstick all over slave's body. Can you read what they say?

Nude and spread-eagled, slavegirl is ring gagged and her flesh is being ripped with dozens of clamps. A bunch of these are attached over girl's tits and along her torso. Tightened ropes are tied to each of the clamps, pulling the skin sideways. Look at the woman's face and you'll see that this is more than just ordinary tit torture: it is a full-force BDSM torment! I think it is time to listen to the sexy sounds Layla is making when punished. Are you with me?

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MILF with fake tits is enjoying bondage

It is amazing how many options women have to improve themselves nowadays! Makeup, sexy clothing and even plastic surgery are used to make girls more attractive. Carissa Montgomery, for example, had small tits but recently made herself a pair of perfect boobs. I don't care if her breasts are real or fake since they look good in bondage! Are you with me to enjoy?

Carissa is the sort of women we all enjoy putting in bondage. MILF at the top of her physical shape, sexy as hell and ultimately submissive: she is the BDSM toy you was always been dreaming about! Let's put some rope in use and enjoy Miss Montgomery's helplessness.

Slut comes to the Hogtied.com studio in an extremely sexy short dress, becoming put in bondage and gagged with scarf instantly. The fun begins when rigger takes out a pair of scissors and starts cutting down girl's clothes. He uses his hands to expose big tits from the remainings of the dress for us to enjoy one of the best ever examples of breast bondage!

Carissa is ultimately hot bondage goddess and we are going to reward her for being such a ducky. Vibrator attached to girl's crotch area does it job perfectly of warming the slave up and making her pussy soaking wet. Then it is time for the rubber cock to jump into action: I love the way slave's bound breasts are swinging once the dildo is pounding the cunt. You'd better come closer not to miss the first orgasm MILF is about to get!

The guys from Hogtied.com spent the entire day putting this woman in bondage and teasing her in many kinky ways. Her boobies were tied up tightly; she was screaming like crazy and cumming many times in a row. There is a movie can be enjoyed right now and loads of pictures can be browsed showing all the details. Click the button above to watch the full version of this episode and access loads of other exciting breast bondage scenes! Hundreds of bound girls are there and waiting for you to come, see them helpless and tortured!

Leggy girl is taken to the limit with breast bondage and nipple clamping

You can search everywhere but it is hard to find anything better than good old ropes and clothespins when there is a slut in need of her boobs to be tortured. Steel and leather works fine but tits look extremely sexy when squeezed with ropes and clamped with wood!

Imagine yourself in the Hogtied.com website BDSM chamber one-on-one with a beautiful submissive woman. Her skin is tan, her legs are longs and there is a pair of perfect tits for you to torture. Where would you like to start?

I think it would be nice to tie the slut up while she is standing. Feel free to take the scissors and cut girl's clothes once her hands are roped behind the back. Make a couple of holes on top of the dress, take the boobs out and put them in nice and tight bondage. Whipping is always works great making women horny so why don't you put a couple of lashes across those big breasts? Don't forget to gag the girl first and put a vibrator in close contact with her clit. Her pussy isn't wet yet? Maybe a number of wooden clothespins on top of the tits would help? Nipples are very sensitive and torturing them is always a good way of taking women to the limit!

It is time to have the bondage sub to stay totally nude so why don't you rip the rest of her clothes down? Vibrating sex machine fits perfectly in between her legs. It would not take long for us to see her start cumming! With rope nooses around her boobs, clothes pins still attached to the nipples and hi-speed pussy tease, BDSM trainee is ready for the long row of continuous orgasms. Are you with me to watch?

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