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Chained girl is tortured with lots of orgasms

Tormenting women with pain is fun but what do you think about an idea of using pleasure as a tool for torture? Sounds crazy but think of restrained girl forced to have more orgasms than she can take! Pretty cool huh? There is even a special device was made for this kind of BDSM activity. Would you like t see it?

Steel tubes and chains were used by the Device Bondage crew for building the BDSM torture rack where girls are intend to be taken to the limit with extreme sexual pleasure. There is a powerful vibrator put in the middle for bondage slut to sit on. Shall we take a look at the thing being put in use?

Slave Tara Lynn Fox was chosen to test the BDSM device. Nude and with her hands cuffed behind the back she is having a vibrating machine between her legs. Girl's ankles are screwed on to the floor with black leather belts not letting her to get off. Plus there is a set of heavy chains are holding her body motionless. Extremely heavy metallic collar is placed around Tara's neck turning her into one of the hottest BDSM slaves I've ever seen. Don't you think it is time to turn the vibrator on and enjoy the tease?

This BDSM device looks kinky but there are dozens of other were built by the guys from Device Bondage for tormenting women. Click the button above right now to watch chained Tara getting all sweat from the countless orgasms she was forced to have and meet many of her sexy mates who were tortured in the very same studio along the years! It is time to see the weirdest BDSM torture devices ever!

Bound and tit-clamped mom is taken outdoors for the BDSM training

Fresh air is good for your slaves - that's why it is so important to take BDSM trainees for an outdoor strolls. MILF Rain, for example, is spending the entire day in the backyard, rope-tied, nipple clamped and crawling in the dirt like a pig.

Famous website Hardtied is known for its creative approach to slaves training. Unusual bondage, extreme punishments and kinky tit tortures make it one of the finest places to enjoy extreme BDSM. Would you like to join the team walking busty MILF out in the field?

Nicely packet with bondage ropes, mom Rain DeGrey has to crawl on her knees. There is wire lash placed over her neck (the one that is normally used by the slaughterers) plus her nipples are crushed with nasty steel clamps. By looking at girl's face you can tell that tit torture is the one that torments her the most: it is so much fun to watch her trying to get rid of the nipple clamps with her tied up hands. Poor mom is pulling desperately the devices off from her breasts causing even more pain! I wonder is she is going to make it?

There is a video available at the Hardtied website showing slave Rain spending the entire day being trained outdoors. Let me tell you that tit torture was the easiest of her troubles! How about seeing this woman nude, bound with ropes and drowning in the dirty water? You only have to click the banner above to access the full version of featured BDSM episode! Don't waste another second: hit the banner now and start enjoying her in extreme pain!

Combination of kinky breast bondage and wooden pony BDSM

Your hearing is about to be pleased with lots of sexy moans because there is a hot blondsitting on top of the BDSM wooden pony and experiencing extreme pain in her crotch.

Adrianna is begging for the torture to stop but howls are the only sounds we can hear because of the gag harness slavegirl is wearing. Gagging the slut is clever thing to do unless you want to enjoy tortured female screaming loud. Would you prefer her being quiet or screaming in pain?

There were lots of original wooden pony tortures described here recently but this one is also very special. Look at the pictures and you'll see girl's boobs being connected with her ankles by using bondage rope. What an original way of doing the BDSM torment!

Just imagine the way nude slut feelings sitting on top of the torture device, with her hands tied behind the back, her pussy crushed with hardwood and with her tits pulled down with the weight of her own legs! It is one of the kinkiest bondage scenes I can remember! I bet Adrianna is about to experience the most painful orgasm she ever had! Would you like to see that oh video?

There is a full-length movie can be accessed at the Hogtied.com website showing the full version of slave Adrianna bondage training. Wooden pony wasn't the only thing she was tortured with: needless to say but there were lots of other kinky bondage torments she was teased with along the day. Click the button to see this beautiful woman in pain and having one orgasm after another!

Chair-tied redhead is having her tits whipped

Are your ears ready for the loud female screaming and shattering sound of a whip hitting sensual tits? You'd better be because there is a nude girl going to be tied to chair and punished severely for your viewing (and hearing) pleasure.

Dominant guys from Whipped Women website are having another naughty slut in their dungeon. Skinny redhead is having sexy body and a pair of nice tits to be tortured with nasty whipping. I hope you are going to stay and enjoy the way her boobs are going to be trashed!

The first few strokes are made with the bamboo stick: girl is forced to strip down with a couple of lashes on top of her nipples. The lady is being tied to chair with her head down once undressed. Tied with ropes and unable to move, she is only capable of screaming when her belly is being violated with single-tailed leather whip.

Restrained slavegirl screams like crazy each time whip hits her tits. It's a pity that pictures cannot deliver sounds: you have to hear those sexy screams to feel the extreme BDSM passion of the scene! We are lucky to have the entire action filmed on video and available for instant viewing! Are you with me to watch and listen her moaning and begging to stop the tit torture?

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Bondage girl is hung by her breasts over the wooden rod that is ready to impale her

I just can't imagine how scared this girl is: bound, suspended by her tits and having wooden rod with a dildo on its end tuck inside her pussy! She is in extreme danger now and horrible things might happen if something would go wrong. I wonder if she can make it safely to the end of the boob bondage session...

When looking at the poor girl photographed in the Hogtied.com dungeon I can't stop thinking about the bizarre impale medieval torture. Just think of what could happen in case breast bondage would fail and the slave would land on that stick with her pussy! But I am sure that website's crew has strong rigging skills and boob suspension torture would end up flawlessly.

Gagged bondage slut spent the whole day in the Hogtied.com BDSM chamber where she was bound in many kinky poses and her sensual tit were teased with extreme bondage pain. You can see this happening by clicking the button above and watching the movie shot during the action! Are you ready to see naked bondage girl subjected to breast suspension and getting almost impaled?