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Tied woman is tortured with tit suspension

Do you hear loud screams and the sound of leather whip hitting sensual tits? It is Hogtied.com crew having fun hanging yet another painslut by her breasts and lashing her mercilessly. Would you like to join the torturers and watch?

Bella Rossi is the type of MILF we all enjoy seeing in bondage: beautiful and passionate - she is having lots of sexy curves to put ropes around. But today it isn't just bondage she is experiencing: woman is subjected to breast hanging - one of the most bizarre tit tortures you can think of!

The pain slave is about to bear is going to be extreme. We definitely require a big ball gag to be put in Bella's mouth. Nude and tied up with ropes, MILF lady is put on her knees and her body is being supported in a vertically with two ropes tied to each of her boobs. I love watching slut's facial expressions when her sensual tits are becoming trashed with leather whip! The extreme pain lever is definitely affecting her personality.

The main part of the tit torture begins when tied up woman is being suspended with nothing but her breasts. Normally you would see some supporting ropes going down from the ceiling slaves are hanging on. But not this time! Bobs are holding the entire weight of the body keeping the tits in unbearable pain. The girl is about to cry but ball gag only allows silent moans to leave the mouth. What a perfect way to make woman suffer extreme pain! Shall we continue the torture suspending Miss Rossi upside-down?

Hogtied.com crew had Bella Rossi at their full disposal for the entire day. They tortured MILF in a dozens of different ways and many of these torments were all about her breasts. Check out the full-length movie where tit suspension and many other bizarre executions were performed on this beautiful woman! Click the banner to start browsing pictures and watching video now!

Kneeling MILF is having her tits bound with bizarre steel device

Ropes and leather belts are fine when used for binding boobs but its getting really exciting only when sensual tits are becoming bound with steel. Check out naked MILF posing with bizarre breast bondage device over her milk bags.

We all know that Infernal Restraints is all about medieval-style bondage with lots of devices and torture tools involved. Featured picture set is not and exception and I hope you'll enjoy the metallic thing nude bondage slut is wearing.

Slave's name is Rain DeGrey, she is totally naked and her arms are cuffed behind the back. What makes this scene very special is kinky custom-built collar the woman is wearing. A couple of steel clamps are attached to the collar. Big tits are placed inside the clamps and then being squeeze with the metallic bar. You can vary the pressure by simply adjusting the nuts. Look at the bondage pictures and you'll see that MILF slave is already having her breasts under big pressure: would you like to add some more by tightening the screws?

Rain DeGrey spent lots of time in bizarre BDSM steel device doing things on command. Click the button above to visit the Infernal Restraints website and enjoy the full version of the scene. Watch the full-length movie where poor MILF is crawling on her knees with a huge steel hook in her ass and with her big boobs ready to explore while being locked in bizarre breast bondage device!

Woman is tied with plastic bands and her boobs are tortured with clothes pins

Penny Barber is the MILF we all would love to torture but guys from Infernal Restraints website are the lucky once to have a chance to play with her tits. Very special sort of bondage and very kinky way of boobs torment are here today for us to enjoy.

Naked woman is lying down on a steel bed restrained with dozens of plastic bands. Restraints are extremely tight and not allowing captive girl to make even the slightest move. Fingers, toes and, maybe, her head are the only body parts she can stir. What a perfect moment to start the tit torture! Are you with me?

Nipples are becoming tortured in the majority of the tit torments we've seen before. But it is all different this time: dozens of wooden clothes pins are attached all over slave's boobs leaving the nipples intact. Look closer at the pictures and you'll see thin rope connecting all the clothes pins. Clamping pain is just a beginning: real fun will begin when master is going to rip all the pins with one move of his hand. That's where extreme tit torture is going to start! Girl's face is expressing it all: shock, extreme pain and a bit of surprise.

This woman spent an entire day in the Infernal Restraints BDSM dungeon being tied up and tortured for hours. Click banner above to watch the movie about the worst hours of her life that she spend in pain and under severe torments. Her tits (as well as other juicy body parts) were almost destroyed with crazy punishments and you don't want to miss that! Click the banner to start watching now!

MILF is ball gagged and subjected to classic rope bondage

After the last post about a sweet teen I would like to switch your attention to a more mature woman. I believe that nothing can be more exciting than busty tied up and ball-gagged MILF! Are you with me?

Claire Dames is one of those middle-age sluts we all enjoy watching naked and bound. Today she is spending the entire day in the Hardtied bondage studio being stripped, put in ropes and silenced with a ball-gag in her mouth.

Nothing very special has been done to the woman during the training but sometimes classic rope bondage and a couple of BDSM toys are much sexier than any weird restraints you can think of! Look: at first Claire was forced to crawl around on her knees dripping saliva from her ball-gagged mouth. Then a couple of heavy weight clamps were attached to each of her big boobs. Don't you think bound MILF looks just adorable with a hose hook and with her nipples clamped?

Here comes the master and he is carrying a sex toy in his hand. Looks like bondage slut is going to have her pussy being teased mercilessly followed by a series of forced orgasms! Click the banner above to visit the Hardtied website and watch the movie about ball-gagged Claire cumming and making all those sexy noises. Enjoy the entire day of MILF woman bondage training and browse through hundreds of other naughty episodes about hot girls in BDSM education! Click now!

Using leather belts for tying up big tits

I am always getting thrilled when BDSM girl is having boobs big enough for them to be bound with leather belts. After dozens of tits tied up with ropes it is always a pleasure to enjoy different sorts of breast bondage.

Just think of how heavenly pleasant it feels when you are tightening big breasts with leather belts! Slavegirl Maxine X is definitely the type of woman everyone would love to play breast bondage games with! Shall we start? Hardtied gives you a unique chance of turning your kinky BDSM dreams into reality!

Exotic beauty is totally naked, lying on her back and her wrists are tightly bound to her ankles. It is almost impossible for the woman to make moves in bondage pose like this. Talking is also out of the question: her tongue is painfully clamped between the wooden sticks. A set of steel clamps are used to keep slave's pussy wide open: you can enjoy the bright pink color of her vagina in between the pussy cheeks. This looks like a perfect set-up for the tit torture!

There are two things done to Maxine X massive boobs and you are gonna love them! Each of the tits is tightly wrapped with thick leather belt and there is a clamp attached on top of each nipple. Thin ropes are used for pulling breasts upwards, adding a little bit of pain to the torment. The last bit to do would be oiling slave's skin. It is time for us to step back and enjoy the way beautiful woman is responding to the breast bondage. Wet pussy tells us that she is extremely horny: shall we bring sex toys and put them in use?

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