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Breast bondage is one of the most exiting tit tortures

There are dozens of different tit tortures: nipple clamps, needles, clothespegs, hot wax and much more. But breast bondage itself is one of the finest breast torments ever invented! The recipe is really simple: take lovely busty girl, undress her and put her boobs in really tight bondage. Sounds pretty easy, but it works pretty well. Let me show you an example of busty girl posing nude with her tits in bondage.

The girl starts with slowly strip dance. She plays with her tits like a real slut. She twists breasts and squeezes her nipples so your cock starts getting hard. Then, after a few minutes, she stays naked. Girl tears her pantyhose and allows you to tie her boobs with white rope. Tit torture begins!

Imagine how exiting it is - to tie those warm and soft milk bags with rope… You add some tension so girl whispers because of intense pain runs through her chest. Then you tie her hands together and lift them upwards. You slut is helpless now. All you need to do - is give her some time so her tortured tits will turn into deep red color. This is the perfect time to fuck her tits and cum on girl's face. Yes - that is amazing!

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Young maid tit tortured and forced to suck cock

Lovely story about a maid punished with tit torture is here today. I hope you'd like my preview, because there is a full version of this episode can be downloaded at Slaves in Love.

Here she is - a young maid' who had to bring a few snacks to her master. But being lazy, this girl is not quick enough so her master is getting angry. Maid had to be punished for being so slow!

Master brings submissive girls on her knees and rips off her kinky uniform. Do you like these tiny tits of her? I think they are amazing!

The first torment girl receives is the breast whipping. Master uses heavy multi-head whip to punish helpless girl. Then he ties her hands behind the back and goes on with painful tit torture. A couple of tight mousetraps comes very handy is this BDSM torment! Just take a look at those fresh young tits squeezed and smashed with cold steel. That is real breast pain and true nipple torture!

Got her nipples clamped with traps, girl accepts a huge dildo in her pussy at the very same time. Unable to move her body, she just suffers the intense pain. But that is just a beginning: cruel master wants slavegirl to blow his cock while her tits tortured! That is just an amazing BDSM blowjob!

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Tit torture for the bondage firsttimer. Housewife in rope bondage.

Rick Savage is back with another amateur bondage babe, who is willing for a tit torture. Today it is a lovely MILF, who is never tried BDSM before. It will be very interesting to look at this housewife tied for the first time in her life.

A few preparations are to be made before the tit torture begins: the girl is dressed in lovely black lingerie and a ball gag is put in her mouth. Master spanks girl's ass and use spikes on her breasts to heat up the slave.

Here comes the tit torture: tight breast bondage is applied to housewife. I like watching this attractive woman unable to make a move, just staring in the camera and suffering pain in her boobs. Do you like them smashed with tight rope?

Clothes pegs are a perfect choice for tit torture: check out our slave got a bunch of these attached to her breasts. With her arms securely bound behind the back, slavegirl has nothing to do but whimper of extreme pain.

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Bondage and tit torture for beautiful Carly Parker

Can you imagine anything more exiting that a pretty busty blondin bondage with a tit torture applied? I've got a perfect example of this type of BDSM scene today! Check out the gallery by Hogtied.com and enjoy the perfect breasts in bondage.

Tit torture is not the only thing this sexy blondhad to suffer. Here she is: standing at the wooden pole with her arms tied behind her back. Painful crotchrope goes deep in her pussy, violating girl's clit.

Only a few minutes later, this amazing woman is crucified on a wooden log and got her pussy fucked with a sex toy. Check out tight rope on her neck-I think little asphyxia adds excitement to the bondage play.

Carly Parker tit torture: nipple weights (Dec 2009) Leather belt breast bondage tit torture (Dec 2009) Carly Parker big tits bound with leather sripe (Dec 2009)

Then there goes the tit torture: naked babe suspended by her arms and lifted above the floor. Huge lead weights are attached to her nipples. I like the way this girl shakes her body p in the air and I like the way her tits bounce, causing a lot of pain.

But the most exiting bondage pose is the last one! Babe is sitting on a chair and having her huge boobs smashed with brutal leather belt. This tit torture is amazing! Watching big breasts getting bound with leather stripe is so exiting!

Tit torture for the professional mistress Princess Donna

Princess Donna is a professional mistress, but every mistress deserves a tit torture from time to time! Welcome to the Device Bondage gallery, where this attractive lady is bound and tormented with unusual bondage.

Princess Donna is undressed for this scene. The girl is out on the wooden pony and restrained with steel cuffs. Exposed in this spread position, Princess Donna is ready for some tit tortures! But these one more thing had to be done to naked bondage slave before the pain begins: her head is wrapped with pantyhose and her mouth is gagged with duct tape.

The tit torture begins with tight breast bondage. Check out girl's boobs wrapped with leather stripes. Those ties bring some moderate pain to bondage whore chest.

Weight clamps are used to make Princess Donna pain intolerable. Watch those cruel devices attached to the very end of girl's nipples/ forcing her to have four orgasms in a row. I love watching pussy juice comes out of slave's pussy and dripping off the wooden pony. What a tit torture!

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