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This amateur girl is perfect a subject for bondage and tit torture

Breast bondage is one of the most popular ways of making a tit torture. Rick Savage is a guy, who is a great specialist in tying down girls and putting their breasts in pain. Check out today's gallery where an amateur girl posing with her boobs in bondage.

She is naked and standing in her bedroom. Her arms tied behind her back this helpless girl is a perfect subject for a tit torture. A few kinky bondage poses shown in the gallery. The first one is classic bondage, where those breasts are put in sophisticated rope-work. I like this pose.

The next tit torture pose involves tight plastic band tie and painful clamps. Check out those tits smashed with bondage and tortured with painful plastic clamps. Ball gag prevents girl from screaming.

The last scene features another set of clamps and a hot wax torture. The girl is blindfolded, and got her boobs covered with a lot of hot wax. Do you want to add some pain to her nipples? Navigate your browser to Rick Savage site and continue with extreme tit torture action. Enjoy helpless girls posing nude, bound, helpless and tortured in the most bizarre way you could even imagine!

Nude and bound, Jade Indica in a painful tit torture scene

Beautiful Jade Indica is got in trouble. She is being kidnapped and taken to a secret location for some BDSM action. This girl is being born to be tied and her small breasts deserves a good tit torture! Take a look at this beautiful girl tormented with bizarre bondage.

Bondage starts with girl undressing. Then her lovely body is being put in a kinky wooden rack. Exposed and helpless, Jade Indica is oiled and got an electric plug put in her pussy. A pair of tight plastic clamps does the tit torture part. With her clitor stimulated with vibrator, girl receives her first orgasm easily.

Nice asphyxia torture is performed with a tight bondage and a bowl full of water. Note a huge steel hook in slavegirl's ass. That looks to be an unpleasant BDSM pose!

The final scene shows painful clothe pegs tit torture. Naked slave is restrained with rusty chains. Jade is unable to move her legs or hands and she is totally helpless. More that 40 painful pegs are attached all over her beautiful body. The most of them are at her breasts. Check out the video of this see and see bound girl shakes her tits, trying to get ride of clothes pegs. Hey look - she receives two more strong orgasms! That's amazing!

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Slave tit torture and bondage blowjob

There is certain kind of woman, who needs to be humiliated desperately. The feeling of being dominated adds a lot of excitement to their lives. Here is a great example of that kind of girls: wife sucking cock in bondage.

Bikini babe with her tits clamped Cocksucking slut nipple torture Nipple-clamped redhead is swallowing cum

In this gallery from Pain Freaks you can see a couple playing dirty BDSM game at their back yard. Redhead wife is sitting n a chair with her arms bound to elbow-rests. Woman is undressed so we can see her shaved pussy. Husband adds pain with some tit torture. Note a number of plastic clothes pegs attached to girl's nipples. Lady is shaking her breasts trying to get rid of painful devices. A few of those are also applied to the pussy lips.

Stimulated with intense pain, girl is got wet in just a few minutes. It is time for a deepthroat cocksucking. Watch the bondage blowjob action in full version of the gallery. There is an exiting moment of massive orgasms becomes mind-blowing because of a tit torture. See wife gagged with cock and got her pretty face stained with hot cum in a cumshot scene. Click the button above to see the pictures and watch the video!

Two naked girls in bondage going through weight clamps tit torture

Welcome to the dark basement of Device Bondage, where two girls are going be trained with strict bondage in this weight tit torture gallery.

Slaves are totally naked and restrained with kinky BDSM racks. Those are made of steel pipes and there is no way for poor girls to escape. Tight leather belts hold their bodies in tight control. With their arms and legs spread, both girls are totally exposed to bondage master.

Not only slave's pussies violated with sex toys, but their tits tortured. Let's take a look at the brunette. Check out those weight clamps attached to her breasts. I guess her nipples are in severe pain because of those lead weights hanging on biting clamps.

And what about the blondgirl? A pair of green rubber bands is wrapped around nipples and vacuum pumps are attached to her breasts. Check out her eyes: they are full of BDSM pain.

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Busty girl Christina Carter got her big breasts tormented with bondage

What about lovely MILF sacrifice her big breasts for tit torture? Here we go - please meet one of the hottest BDSM models Christina Carter posing nude and bound.

A few kinky tit tortures are shown in this gallery. Everything starts with nice breast bondage. Christina is undressed and bound with tight ropes. Just look at her milk bags! They look amazing! The girl is having her arms bound behind her back. She is helpless and the only thing she can do - is to shake her tits. Oh - my cock is getting hard!

Big boobs in bondage MILF in bondage pulling rope Extreme breasts clamping

The next torment is hot wax. I just love when big breasts are getting hot waxed. Christina moans and groans as hot wax covers her nipples. This babe is simply amazing.

Then goes a clothes pegs torture. A lot of tight wooden pegs are attached all over girl's tits. With her arms tied above her head, Christina is just screams of intense pain that goes through her boobs. Do you want to add a few more pegs?

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