Tit Torture and Breast Bondage

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Binding big boobs with belts and then pulling nipples

Maxine X got a pair of big and juicy boobies we cannot miss when subjecting her to extreme BDSM. Exotic beauty has to suffer big time and a bit of creativity to be applied in this occasion.

The first thing to do would be to oil the BDSM slut from top to bottom. Sexy curves like hers are going to look very sexy when glossy. Then we are going to lay down Maxine on her back and put a spread bar in between her legs. And here is where the fun begins because long leather belts are to be used for putting each of her massive boobies in s tight bind!

But even that is not enough for the tough subgirl to be taken to her limit. But a couple of nipple clamps attached to tops of the tits and pulled upwards are going to do the trick! I believe it is a perfect moment to place a sex toy in between her legs and leave it there until Maxine X cums hard. Would you like to see that on video?

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Making Iona Grace suffer pain by binding her tits

Big boobs are so nice to deal with! Especially if you are into extreme BDSM like like Infernal Restraints does. And they have a very special girl to play and torture to. Please welcome Iona Grace!

Naked and bound in some kind of barn, this juicy babe got every spot of her body tormented in a very kinky ways. You can enjoy them all in the full version of the video while I would like to look closer at just two episodes where those big and juicy breasts were taken care of.

The first shows each of the boobs squeezed tightly with steel clamps and a steel ring placed around nipples. A sort of BDSM bra don't you think? I guess lot of you guys would love women to be wearing those 24/7!

And the next scene is more of from medieval times because it featured tits spread over a plate that is all covered with dozens of sharpened spikes. Old and rusty they make a perfect combination with soft and warm flesh. Tits are also tied with thin leather laces to make sure the pressure is constantly applied. No need to mention those boobies are in extreme pain!

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Taking elegant handcuffed woman to the limit with breasts whipping

It might look that only busty women are to be subjected to boobs punishments. But it is not true and watching small tits in pain is also very exciting. Would you like to see some little boobies getting whipped?

Pain Gate website combines classic BDSM restraints with whipping in their videos and the results are just superb! Maybe because they are only dealing with beautiful women (no fat or ugly sluts whatsoever) or maybe because they have good taste when it comes to bondage and punishments. I believe it is both that are making their work so special.

Here for example a beautiful blond made topless (would you like to watch blouse ripped off her?) and handcuffed in a spread pose. Perfectly sexy woman helpless and ready for any kind of BDSM you want. Well they decided to put those lovely small tits of her in pain with whipping!

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Tormenting woman with extreme pain suspending her by her breasts

Only when hanging on her tits woman can feel the whole spectrum of extreme BDSM pain. It is getting more exciting when not a slim teen but a fully-grown woman with a nice set of boobs is becoming subjected to this bizarre kind of torment. Here is one for you to enjoy!

Bella is a beautiful woman but what makes her very special is the how passionate she is about all kinds of bizarre tortures. The strongest orgasms she ever feels are normally happen when the MILF is tightly bound and tormented mercilessly. This time she is about to go beyond the limit by submitting to the breast suspension.

Sexy mom is fully nude and hogtied in this episode. There are just three ropes holding slave's entire weight and two of them are tied to her big boobs. Nooses are tightening themselves under the tension, squeezing the breasts with enormous force. Those are changed the color to bright pink after just a couple minutes of hanging. Give it a little bit more and they'll go red. Wanna watch?

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Girl is bound on public and tortured with breast whipping

Boob bondage can always be combined with other sorts of BDSM humiliation doubling or even tripling the pleasure for the girl. How about taking a beautiful woman, exposing her on public and lashing her bound breasts with the whip?

It must be unbelievably pleasant for a female to be stripped down, put on her knees, tied somewhere where people can see her and feel the tight ropes wrapped around her breasts! Girl's pussy becomes wet almost instantly from the feeling of complete helplessness and bondage exposure. But that is just a beginning because BDSM master has a couple of more tricks for the sub to enjoy.

He starts by grabbing the bound breasts and squeezing them firmly. You can clearly hear the silent moans tied up girl is making when her milk bags are getting twisted. Once warmed up nicely with manhandling, the slut is ready for more painful punishments: this is a perfect moment to take out the whip and put a few harsh strokes across woman's chest. Are you with me to enjoy her tied up tits to be covered in whipping marks?

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Whipping girl's breasts while she is strangled with plastic bag

All three key parts of successful tit torture are going to be featured in today's BDSM scene: breast bondage, nipple clamping and boob whipping. Please meet the new website that does not hesitate using all of the mentioned techniques in combination.

Guys from Long Dozen are having very kinky and pleasant daily routines. Normally they grab a hot young girl and take her to some lonely place for an entire day painful BDSM training. It might be a meadow, an abandoned plant or another distant location where nobody could hear poor teens screaming loud during the punishments. Would you like to meet their today's trainee?

Poor slut is standing naked surrounded with debris is some kind of a workshop. She is fully nude and her hands are tied behind the back. There is a rope bondage put over her big tits and master is currently attaching wooden clothespins to each of the nipples. He is about to perform the breasts whipping punishment is the following couple of minutes. But there is one additional thing is needed to be done in order to make the BDSM punishment even more exciting for the girl.

Putting head inside the plastic bag is going to make the torment unforgettable for the girl. Ring gagged and unable to breathe freely, she is going to have her orgasms much stronger! It's weird but women respond to pain better when suffocating! Shall we start the breasts whipping and enjoy her reaction?

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