Nipple torture helps the slavegirl to keep the right posture

Master is using extremely painful nipple torture as a way of keeping this girl in submission

Slaves education is a tough job but someone has to do it. It is crucial to use the right kind of tools and methods during the process. BDSM master in my today's gallery has found the right approach to the blondslut he is training: harsh tit torture is exactly what she needs to be in control.

The guy is keeping girl's nipples clamped with a couple of wooden sticks drawn together with tight rubber bands. Look at the pictures: and you'll see tops of big tits put under extreme pressure. The nipple pain is almost unbearable, but that is exactly what the whore needs to feel good.

Today's training is all about posture. Undressed woman is forced to move around with her head straight and her hands tied behind the back. Intense tit torture helps the blondto stay focused on the task. Master is using a book on top of girl's head to check if she is doing the task right. Poor slut receives painful punishment each time the book fells down. Her ass is already changed it's color to red as a result of multiple spankings.

But there is a good side too! Dominator is going to reward the submissive trainee after completing the lesson. He is going to lay the girl down on the table and then fuck her hard. Wooden sticks are to stay on boobs during sex: breast torture and tit pain are going to make her orgasms stronger!

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