Submissive wife is tortured with the BDSM horse built by her husband

Submissive wife is having orgasms being tied up, whipped and tortured with the wooden pony her husband built

Wooden pony is normally associated with inquisition, hardcore pain and dark catacombs. But nothing stops you from using BDSM horse in your daily bondage games: just like the couple down below.

Pictures for this post were presented by Slaves in Love. This website is all about naturally submissive and pain-loving women who managed to find the right type of man to fulfill their need for punishments and BDSM humiliation. This guy, for example, is not just into dominating but he also is an expert in building things. In just a couple of hours he created a perfect wooden pony for his wife to sit on!

I love the excessive level of submission this girl is blessed with: she takes her dress down and draws her hands behind the back, waiting for the guy to cuff them up.

Thick leather collar around the neck and breast bondage are just making her even happier. Once tied up, woman makes the final step, putting herself on top of a wooden pony. By the way: have you noticed that the device is made from standard wooden plank instead of triangular beam?

Having her boobies pitched between two sticks and her pussy in harsh pain aren't enough for a BDSM slut like this to satisfy her appetite for punishments. Guy has to use the whip to put lashes across that sensual belly of hers.

Bound woman steps down from the BDSM horse just seconds before having her first orgasm. She goes on her knees and starts blowing her master's cock. Submissive whore only allowed to cum after swallowing all the semen injected into her mouth. Sometimes it is just hard to believe how effective a wooden pony can be when it comes to punishing women and taking them to the limit!

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