Kneeling woman is tied up on the stairs and her tied up tits are getting whipped

Nude woman is on her knees, tied up on public and there is a BDSM master whipping her bound breasts

Boob bondage can always be combined with other sorts of BDSM humiliation doubling or even tripling the pleasure for the girl. How about taking a beautiful woman, exposing her on public and lashing her bound breasts with the whip?

It must be unbelievably pleasant for a female to be stripped down, put on her knees, tied somewhere where people can see her and feel the tight ropes wrapped around her breasts! Girl's pussy becomes wet almost instantly from the feeling of complete helplessness and bondage exposure. But that is just a beginning because BDSM master has a couple of more tricks for the sub to enjoy.

He starts by grabbing the bound breasts and squeezing them firmly. You can clearly hear the silent moans tied up girl is making when her milk bags are getting twisted. Once warmed up nicely with manhandling, the slut is ready for more painful punishments: this is a perfect moment to take out the whip and put a few harsh strokes across woman's chest. Are you with me to enjoy her tied up tits to be covered in whipping marks?

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