Dumb slut is bound and cleave gagged as a punishment for trying to have her drinks for free

Dumb slut Eufrat is hoping to have her drinks for free but bartender had punished the girl by tying her up, stripping and gaggi

Some bitches are extremely dumb. The one on the pictures (her name is Eufrat) was looking forward to have her drinks for free but bartender decided to give her a lesson. Tight rope bondage and cleave gag are about to do the job of educating the slut nicely.

James Bertoni from Models Tied website enjoys shooting kinky bondage storylines about gorgeous women got in trouble. The main character of his today's episode is leggy Eufrat who wasn't going to pay for her drinks. But the bartender has no plans on letting her go away that easy. He grabbed the slut and tied her hands behind the back. Then he used a piece of red cloth to gag the naughty girl. Pulling panties down was another very educative thing to do with the freeloader.

With her tits and pussy exposed, and with her mouth gagged with cloth, Eufrat has to spend a couple more hours rolling helplessly on the floor before the barkeeper is about to let her go. I just can't imagine how surprised visitors are going to be when seeing such a beautiful woman helplessly restrained and gagged for educational purposes!

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