BDSM rack made for torturing women with orgasms

BDSM device is specially made for teasing and torturing bound women with continuous orgasms

Tormenting women with pain is fun but what do you think about an idea of using pleasure as a tool for torture? Sounds crazy but think of restrained girl forced to have more orgasms than she can take! Pretty cool huh? There is even a special device was made for this kind of BDSM activity. Would you like t see it?

Steel tubes and chains were used by the Device Bondage crew for building the BDSM torture rack where girls are intend to be taken to the limit with extreme sexual pleasure. There is a powerful vibrator put in the middle for bondage slut to sit on. Shall we take a look at the thing being put in use?

Slave Tara Lynn Fox was chosen to test the BDSM device. Nude and with her hands cuffed behind the back she is having a vibrating machine between her legs. Girl's ankles are screwed on to the floor with black leather belts not letting her to get off. Plus there is a set of heavy chains are holding her body motionless. Extremely heavy metallic collar is placed around Tara's neck turning her into one of the hottest BDSM slaves I've ever seen. Don't you think it is time to turn the vibrator on and enjoy the tease?

This BDSM device looks kinky but there are dozens of other were built by the guys from Device Bondage for tormenting women. Click the button above right now to watch chained Tara getting all sweat from the countless orgasms she was forced to have and meet many of her sexy mates who were tortured in the very same studio along the years! It is time to see the weirdest BDSM torture devices ever!