Torture device made of chair ropes and weight

Annette Schwarz is tied to chair and focred to orgasm with throttling torture device

I was always wondering how far a human creativity can go when creating torture devices. There are literally thousands of possible combinations of hard steel, wood and ropes that can hold female body security and torture it with painful torments. One of these bizarre torture devices was created by guys at the website and it is made of wooden chair, few ropes and huge weight.

There is a famous pornstar put inside this BDSM torture machine. Her name is Annette Schwarz and she is having a really hard times being tied up to the chair, have her boobs bound with tight breast bondage and with two weight nipple clamps hanging on her tits. With a vibrator sex toy attached to her clitor this blondis going to have a series of strong orgasms in just a few minutes, but the most painful and bizarre torture device is still to be applied!

What would you feel is there will be a rope noose put around your neck with a huge weight attached to the other side? Well this exposed bondage slave feels the same. This torture device is throttling the girl not allowing her to breast freely. Asphyxia is forcing Annette to come five times in a row and almost loose her mind. What a bizarre BDSM torment!

There is more on this torture devices episode to see at Couple of hundreds of pictures and 55 minutes of video are fully devoted to tight bondage and BDSM tortures. Enjoy Annette Schwarz cumming massively while bound and trained violently!