Breast torture for cuffed wooden pony rider

Pretty BDSM slave goes through a series of painful punishments including breast torture, wooden pony ride and severe whipping

The dark medieval dungeon is the perfect place to keep female slaves at and do little breast tortures. I've asked lots of BDSM fans and lots of them really enjoy when women of today are getting tormented with dark ages equipment. Well how about seeing a pretty naked girl riding cruel wooden pony device while her boobs are getting violated with nasty tit torture? Check out the following images!

Steel shackles, hard wood and willing woman: those are the things needed for the breast torture scene I would like to talk about today. Let's be honest: it is just a small part of a full-time BDSM training sexy babe gone through that day. You can see all of her bondage adventures by visiting the website where all the pictures (more than 250) and the movie (65 minutes length) are available for download.

Medieval torture devices are usually pretty simple but very effective in the field of bringing pain. The submissive woman we are talking about is put on top of a wooden pony where her sensual clit is being constantly violated with the hard wood edge.

There are a number of other important things have been done to classy woman before her breast torture starts. Firstly the ankles of the girl was put in rusty steel cuffs and chained together. There is a kinky steel belt is put over lady's waist which is used to hold her arms cuffed behind the back. There is nothing exposed woman can do about her tormented breasts in this kind of bondage!

Now it's time to move on to the breast torture. Nipple pulling is the thing that'll make this girl suffer pain today. Tight steel clamps are put on top of each of lovely tits and then pulled upwards with couple of thin ropes. What I like about this severe torment is the fact that even the slightest move woman does responds with lots of pain in her boobs. Just imagine how it feels when each of your big breasts is hanging on a clamp! One of the worst female nightmares!

As we all know Hogtied is about severe pain and violent breast tortures. That's why just putting the bound slave on a pain device isn't enough for them. It starts looking fun only when nasty whipping and sexual stimulation are added to the equation. Leather whip is used to make loads of painful strokes across girl's belly and hi-speed sex toy is used to bring energetic vibes to her crotch area.

It is almost impossible for a helpless woman to sit still when those nasty things are being done to her body. But she can't move either because of tight bondage and severe pain in her nipples. There is no other option for the girl other than to sit there and have one orgasm after another, caused with bondage humiliation and tit torture pain. Creative BDSM and cleverly done breast torture makes this scene a masterpiece of female punishment!

There is a full-size picture gallery and 65 minutes of video have been made along this episode. Check out right now to see them all and enjoy every second of the action in which naked wooden pony rider is getting shackled, whipped, fucked with sex toy and then forced to cum with bizarre breast torture. Feel the real BDSM passion by hitting the button above: